Romantic Addition at Prim & Pixel Paradise

Romantic Hot Air Balloon

This lovely hot air balloon screams romance and just in time for the most romantic time of year, Valentine's Day.

Bar none, this is by far the loveliest hot air balloon ride available. Perfect for any romantic encounter. Fly around cuddling and exploring or just find a romantic sky high location and hover over the world in romantic bliss.

The balloon is surrounded by 4 old masters paintings in ormolu style frames, gold brocade fabricing, golden ropes with tassles, where you sit on opulent oriental tapestry pillows upon a Bits & Bobs (TM) cuddle pose.

Over a dozen white doves help to guide your balloon along.

Looking for a romantic place to propose? THIS IS IT!
Looking for a fabulous entrance or exit for your wedding? THIS IS IT!
Looking to show your romantic side? THIS IS IT!

It comes in two flavors, male pilot or female pilot. Be sure to select which is right for you when purchasing.

It is available in our shop and is on display. It will also be available at XStreet & OnRez and our holo vendor, for gift giving.

Come on over and check it out. Prices at an unbelievably low $199 L.

Watch for more items, clothes and other things popping up every day or so from us for the season. :)

Huggles from our hearts to yours,
Mairead & her sister Karra

Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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