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Love You Outfit

I thought this outfit would appeal to those not inclined to wear flippy wee mini's dresses that will flood the market for the Valentine season. It is a bit more reserved and has a touch of sophistication. Worn without the dicky it is an anytime outfit.

This is a complete outfit compressed of a deep red sweater, a white dicky with red hearts, a black belt, 2 pairs of pants, undies layer and also includes the showes with the heart motifs at the toe and heel. As stated the shoes are included in the outfit, but they are available seperately in the shoe department.

This outfit is currently 50 percent off!

These Sassy & Sexy Bow Pumps are very reminicent of Vargas style pin up shoes and are available in 10 colors with bows at the toe, each pair has a black netting bow overlaying the colored blow.

ONE PAIR is set for sale at 0L until Wednesday Janurary 12th! Mouseover the selection to find that special pair of pumps! The rest of the collection is 50% off until Monday!

Country Rocking Chairs from Karra's Kreations
My sister Karra has worked up a cute set of rocking chairs available in assorted wood finishes. Included is a built in animated rocking chair pose with show/hide features. She is also beginning to expand her Wiccan/Fantasy related shop in our new area, Grotto of the Abbey and new dragon motif items are already available.

Other News:
Hunt ends January 12th. If you haven't come to my "Mairead's Rez Day Hunt" yet, get on over here. Find the 11 pieces of cake frosting and take home a sophisticated dress, gloves and shoes. Midnight Whispers is a new release and will go to retail price Monday at noon.

50% off storewide sale also going on, that also ends January 12th at noon!

Huggles Mairead & Karra
Hair - Josie Femme
Skin -FreeSoul
Shape - Alady
Eyes - "Adorable Aqua" PixelDolls

Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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