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Here is how it works. Oh hells bells, the rules will be at the bottom of this blog message since I know you will scroll to the pic first anyhow. lol

ALRIGHTY....... here we go....


Tonight gift is this luscious peach and exotic tulip Danskins style midriff and mid length blouse.

THIS GIFT does NOT come in the LONG length which is shown in the retail packages of the other textures.

RETAIL #1 & #2 $75L (will be 200L)
It comes in all layers.
Includes tucked and untucked versions/layers on the long blouse.
All pieces are copy/modify/no transfer.

PS... I will be sending out another gift TOMORROW evening. SO there is less than a 24 hour window to get your friends signed up and to snag the sale blouses.

I will send out a blouse (shirt or set) in textures that will NOT be released outside of the subscriber. They will also not be available as gifts inside the store ever ever ever. These gifts will be delivered through the subscriber only.

If you are signed up with the subscriber BEFORE a GIFT goes out, it should land in your OBJECTS FOLDER as a BOX to be opened.

Also included in the BOX you receive will be pics of the same style blouse in different pattern options. Those blouses (or shirts) will be available in the store at a significantly discounted price.

When I send the next gift notice & box, the previously discounted blouses will go to full retail and be replaced by another design.

CAVEAT - I will not redeliver personally to anyone. Sorry. Capped? Hit delete instead of save? If you are subscribed PRIOR TO THE DELIVERY you can stop by the store and click the white folder container attached to the subscriber and request it be redelivered. EASY PEASY.

I will send out a notice like this one prior to sending the box, so you have about a 5 minute advance warning of the incoming gift.

Gifts will go out once every couple of days or every day, depending on my time constraints.

KNOW SOMEONE NOT SUBSCRIBED? No group is required. Get them over to the subscriber!

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