Baroness Goodboy New Pick Reward @ Prim & Pixel

Hi allllll.....  At long last the latest P&P Pick Reward is here!  I present to you... (drum roll)

Baroness Goodbody

Some suggestions on how to wear this, but let your imagination be your guide.
This outfit is a bit victorian, a bit steampunk, a bit fantasia and is comprised of 49, yes 49 pieces!

It is perfect for your Steampunk roleplay, being a Mistress, going out for the evening, an afternoon stroll, or staying in for a romantic evening.  The variety of pieces provides a plethora of mix n match options from dare to bare to mini to ballroom.

All clothing layers are available on on layers.
* Shoes and hat SAY no modify because the resizing scrips are no modify. You CAN still HAND EDIT the prim.
Shoes and Hat have resize scripting.  PLEASE BACK UP item, size to fit, run script menu & select DELETE from script menu to remove scripts.

Skin by Lara Skins by Lara Hurley
Shape by Alady
Eyes by Poetic Colors
Hair by Boon (not shown in pics but also recommend Analog Dogs newest style "the upshaw", it works phenomenally with this outfit)

Outfit will also be on sale for 50% off if you do not have us in your Picks. And why the hell not!?!:D:D:D
Out fit also available on XStreet at the promo price for ONE WEEK ONLY EXPIRES end of JULY 6th, 2010SLT

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