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I've made some changed to the shop, moved around some of the stuphhhhh. SIlks are now in the treehouse, gowns are now where the silks used to be, the new flower shoppe is open and my sister Karra has some delightful posies for your spring gardens and Valentine bouquets for you to give to friends, family & loved ones. Blue portal disks can be found on the ground at strategic location, touch for a menu then left click and select TELEPORT to get to various areas easily. To reflect the current economic slump RL and SL, I have lowered all my prices for 1/3 across the board on all clothing item prices over 50L!!! Example, a 400L item now costs 267L!!! Recession pricing remains in effect until....? Now... onto some newness...

Feel The Love Days

Starting now, we are giving out a gift every day or two. We will annouce when a new gift has been put out. If a previous gift was out for 0L the previous gift will revert to retail when the new gift is set to 0L. What are the gifts? WHO KNOWS?! :) Some are already sitting out in the courtyard area, alas you can't get them for 0L until it is that items turn to make you smile. More items will be added. So watch for those NEW GIFT announcements. THE FIRST GIFT IS NOW UP. Mouse over the items in the "Love" area of the courtyard until you find the 0L item. :)

Spring Cotillion Gowns
These are supper sweet & femine gowns, yards and yards of chiffon swirl about the ballgown style skirt, The bodice is a rich gold charmues satin with rhinstone sprays fron & back, Lacing closure on the back. This comes in 10 wonderful color blends. The gold on gold selection of this gown will be our GIFT DURING the Vain Inc. "Kisses" grid wide hunt.

Brazilian Poppy Last Tango Dress Oh my! Super smexy fiery red, smokin'! snokin! dance dress! This was so much fun to make and the ruffles just move so nicely. Definitely an eye catcher, wear this little number and all eyes will be on you! The super tight jersey folds and molds to your every curve! This dress is not currently for sale!!! It is my gift during the "GREATEST LOVE" grid wide hunt. I just had to give you guys a heads up on this stunner.

Country Cuddle Rocker
Karra's Kreations has spun up a very kyoooooot and romantic rocker for two. It is in "honey" pine with a romantic heart we\reath stencil on the seat back. The romantic sit cuddle is direct from Bits & Bobs. It is also transfer and makes a perfect gift.
Two Story Tudor House
Karra's Kreations has worked up a tight build here, very nice for medieval, gothic, gorean style living. This 2 story home has been meticulously handcrafted and textured. Includes security door scripts. 29m x 18m footprint and is Copy and Modify, NO TRANSFER. 112 Prims.

Photography Albums

These are adorable photography albums and terrific for storing your pics and setting it out on a bookshelf or atop a coffee table. The covers are coordinated both front and back and come in 10 designs. These have wiccan/pagan covers and are also colorful and rich looking. Each book will hold 16 of your own images. Simply drag a picture from your folder onto the blank parchment page and voila.

The permissions on the albums are MODIFY AND TRANSFER. SO they are perfect for gift giving, either filled with your own pictures or to give blank for someone to add their own memories.

TWO Grid Wide Hunts PPP is Participating In!!

Time to crate up the old and make room for more newness! 200 vendors strong for this hunt and Prim & Pixel is right in there too! I've just finished up a smashing red dress, lotsa frills for the Greatest Love. I think it's a knock out! Sorry no pics as yet tho. I just thought I would tease you a bit. *grins* AND for the Vain Inc.'s KISS hunt, I created an ballgown in golden satins and chiffons

We hope you decide to wander around our new gotto a bit. It has come along quite nicely. Say hi to Piwacket the Meerkat on your way into the Abbey. She's a cutie! *grins*

Huggles from our hearts to yours,
Mairead & her sister Karra

Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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