Prim & Pixel New Releases ~ Wintry Fairy Tales Show

It's that time! The opening of the VAIN UNIVERSE "Wintry Fairy Tales Show" opens in one minute!

TP to Follow the beacon to get to my shop, since all TP's are redirected to a central landing zone in the middle of the plaza.

The above items were created specifically for this show and not previously released into my shop. I will be adding them to my store and XStreet (SLX) & OnRez later today.

Anyhoooo be sure to get your tushies over here, some phenomenal designs to be had by some of the best in the biz. I am honored to be taking part in this spectacular event. The layout design for the sim is quite spectacular too, be sure to try out the skating rink, after the lag dissapates somewhat of course *grin*.

Specially marked items at the show will contribute 50% of the price to Care International.

My sister Karra and I will be at the above location off and on throughout the show to answer questions and model outfits. We will, of course, be shopping too! :)

Huggles & much love & peace to you and yours this holiday season.
Merry! Merry!
Mairead & karra

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