Karra's New Kreations @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

The Winter Cottage is an adorable one room cosy house, perfect for your snowy wooded areas and definitely a cheery little abode for the holidays. Perfect as a retreat cabin or hunting lodge.

Only 53 prims complete with sculpty animated fire and swirling smoke from the chimney.

All the fireplaces have antique wood carvings and black marble. Both styles have an animated sculpted fire and realistic logs and are available as
* opened or closed backs
* rampant dragon atop the mantle or plain marble top
The fireplaces are 19 or 20 prims (dragon adds the additional prim).

The inviting firepit is 15 prims and has a sculpted animated fire and realistic logs.

All items created with attention to detail and the use of skidz Prims to assure all joints are aligned perfectly.

All items are rezzed and on site, they can be viewed at Prim & Pixel Paradise.

Happy holidays to you and yours,
Huggles to all,
Mairead & Karra

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