Free Holiday Photoshoot Areas

FIRST!!! Please use this area in the spirit it is being offered. Do not hop onto other peoples shoots. People found to be intentionally interfering will get my sister Karra's ban stick soundly applied to their tushies. Alrighty, done with the rough stuff, let's keep moving.


Prim & Pixel Paradise, the Park area


Okay, first off... there are 3 shoot areas.

1) A simple enough area. Just sit on the objects and voila! These are single user items.

2) The white winter tree area has for poses with 2 to 3 people. Touch the tree for a sparkly snow effect.

3) The studio with the changeable backgrounds is for both single user and multi-user poses.

Areas 2 and 3 have a holo rezzer to pop up the poseballs for 2 or 3 person poses. CLICK THE GREEN SPOT, it will rez a pose. To change the poseball set, use the right or left arrows. If you click the green spot again, a BLUE MENU will pop up on the upper right corner of your monitor window. Select LIST from the options. Another blue menu will pop up with the available poses. You will also have the option of repositioning your pose with the SPIN option.

Area 3 uses an actual studio backdrop. This has a background texture changer as well as a single user pose ball changer.

When facing the studio unit, on the back wall, to the right you will see red and blue up and down arrows.
RED ARROWS will change the background,
BLUE ARROWS will change the poses.
To use the SINGLE user poses built into the studio stand in front of the screen and click on the floor. On the pie menu, click on POSE. Use the arrows to go forward or backwards through the poses.
To use the MULTI user poses, you must select them from the holo rezzer display directly in front of the studio.


The simplest way to get a picture is to click on the SNAPSHOT button. Check the radio button "Save to your inventory" Note, each picture you take will cost you 10L, and will be loaded into your photo album automatically. You can always REFRESH SNAPSHOT until you get the one you are happy with before saving. If you wish to do post processing in your own graphics program and then upload them into SL, it will cost you 10L an image to upload.

Make sure you adjust settings for time of day to suit your picture. You may wish to wear a face light to help rid you of face shadows.


Between the white snow tree and the photostudio, on the wall, are five (5) free card layouts. Copy the one you wish to use.

Drag your image onto the WHITE inside prim that says DRAG IMAGE HERE.

Then click on the tiny blue box, follow the instructions in your chat window to type and save a message to your loved ones & friends.

Happy Holidays!
Mairead & Karra

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