Name That Dress Contest

My latest creation in evening wear. Alas, I am not very creative in naming my pieces, so I am offering up an opportunity to win some moola and a free copy of the outfit to whomever comes up with the best name for it.

Notecards can be dropped in my mailbox at the shop.

Title the notecard DRESS CONTEST - YOUR NAME HERE.

Drop the notecard into my mailbox (NOT my IM/Profile) located on the main porch of my shop.

Winner will be chosen by myself, my sister Karra and Leo Nuryova (aka real world artist Kirk Hughey).

ONE Winner will be announced Sunday, October 5th, 2008 at 5 PM LST.

Winner receives 1) this dress. Shoes & jewelry not included. 2) $1000 Linden

Mairead Fitzgerald, Prim & Pixel Paradise

As you can see the dress has 3 variations. It comes with bikini style glitch panties, strapless bodice, tiered flexi skirt, tiered peacock back skirt.

The dress is quite luminous as you can see from the picture. It is not using a full bright setting, does not use glow or particle effects and was photographed inside a hollowed out black cube with a midday sun setting. The "sparkle" is from the textures alone.

I used these same fabric textures in my evening gown, Karra's Comet. The gown has proved to be a smashing success and I had many requests to see the fabrics worked up in something else, a bit mrore flirty, not so formal. So here it is!

POSES - Maitreya Animated Runway Poses
HAIR - Little Heaven
SKIN - Gala Phoenix
SHAPE - Alady (always!!!!)
EYES - PixelDolls
SHOES - (sorry gotta log in and look them up!)

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