YAR! GRRAR!! Hey you Scallywags!!!

Pass the grog! The get your land lubber hinnies over to Prim & Pixel Paradise for a fun little hunt and don't let the barnacles grown on those butts!

There are FOUR Boxes! Count 'em FOUR.

Each box contains one of the pieces to the above outfit.

The outfit includes:

Tri-Corner hat in brown leather with gold trim and beige and gold hatband.
A jacket/blouse/body sash layer.
A flexi prim sash
Brown worn out jeans with a skull
Voila! My quickie Pirate Wench outfit!

1 box is under stairs!
1 box is found via the teleporter (not saying which area tho!)
1 box is sitting on a floor with another box atop it.
1 box is sitting where a pirate would sit

Had a blast with the initial offering, lots of ladies, lots of dancing, raffle ball giving out 25L every 10 minutes and some luminaries from the design world all hooched up on grog and dancing the night away (til 3 AM EST!!!!)

Hunt end at 11:50 PM Sunday night, on Monday this baby goes up for sale at 250L so get it free while you can!

Have a great Piratey weekend mateys!

Hair - Detour
Skin - Gala Phoenix
Shape - Alady
Eyes - "Adorable Aqua" PixelDolls

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