Halloween Sale Contest New Releases

Hello shoppers!

Okay here I am all wordy and everything.. again! Let's see... we got lotsa FREEbies, a new dress, my first hat design, etc., etc., etc! So when you take a break from the Burning Man Festival or the Glamour Expo, stop on by!

So on to the news!

First up is a new dress AND a contest to name that dress! Contest details are on my blog and on Flickr (URLS below). You could win this ensemble and $1000L!

This is a fun, flirty and versatile ensemble. Go show girl, go tango, go light up the night and light his fire in this beautiful red outfit! During the contest period the price on this dress has an introductory price drop of $100!

FLICKR URL http://www.flickr.com/photos/beads/2891176991/
BLOG URL http://slstrut.blogspot.com/

CREEPY HOLLOW !!!! It's loaded with all sorts of new items geared towards the Halloween holiday. Trees, altars, cauldrons, webs, cats, masks and more... like FREEBIES!! Also, we've set up a few places for single/group capable snapshots! Enjoy!

Here is a sampling of our halloween goodies...

New Spooky Grunge Tees special holiday pricing 25L each of 50L for fatpack! Like getting one tee free!

Scarey Demonic Tattoo (unisex)


Bleeding Heart Necklace

BigD Apparell & Tattoos has a freebie offering in his shop for the weekend! Gotta find it, marked $0L!

Kirk Hughey and Mairead Fitzgerald art galleries (take any portal to Gallery 1 or 2) are each offering up a piece of their work for $0L!!!

We expanded!! We have 10 prime shops, stalls and carts available and I'm offering new vendors 2 weeks FREE rent!

7Seas area still stocked chock full of custom goodies for you fishing people!

Okay time for me to SHADDUP!!! :D Hope to see y'all soon!

Mairead Fitzgerald & Karra Babii

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