Prim & Pixel June 15th Father's Day Gift to Give


Traditionally I only get into putting out something for the guys around the Winter Holidays when I have my Winter Holiday Village SIM running.  I decided to give my VIP ladies a gift that they could "re"gift. :) 

Standard & Fitted Mesh Men's Henley Shirt with Texture Change HUD.
5 Fabric color textures including one with a Happy Father's Day motif.
So that's one shirt for the holiday and 4 plain front/back textured shirts for all year round use.

ONLY AVAILABLE Sunday June 15th & Monday, June 16th!!!!! Then it's GONE!

This item is TRANSFER ONLY so YOU can come get it in the group gift vendor and
are able to GIVE/SHARE/TRANSFER the gift box to your "dad" for Father's Day.

ONLY 1 per VIP Member! VIP Group Gift Vendor is in the NEW area, 1st Floor.

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