Prim & Pixel Paradise sees a gift in your future!

After some heartfelt soul searching and looking at our financial siutation, I have decided that our PICK REWARD will now only be offered as a monthly item.

It has been my habit to gift each new release for 2 to 10 days. I had fun doing it, but it has come to a point where I feel the SL fashion market is glutted with gifts. I read the groups, especially the free fashion group postings and see comment after comment of people saying they haven't had a chance to unpack boxes from as far back as last Christmas' grid wides. I don't want my designs ending up being tossed "en masse" as women try to keep some structure in their inventory.

We have released 57 new items/ensembles here at P&PP so far this year alone! EACH and every one was gifted to the public on release.!!! These are not cast offs we pass along to the public. These are in store designs we are proud of.

I also work hard on my releases and I feel my work has grown with every new item I create. To just simply give them away as I have done is something I simply can no longer afford to do. Yes, I do have fun giving gifts to you alas I will not pull real life money into the game to support freebie mania. Either you feel my goods are worth paying for or you don't. Hopefully the former. :) I will continue to offer a terrific "bang for your buck" here. Including as many options as I am capable of providing with an ensemble, as it is my nature in creating.

ANYHOOOOOOO..... what this means for you my lovely shoppers is this.... PICK REWARDS minimum one per month. I hope you all understand. That said...

I have TWO new releases... different as night and day here.

First off we have.... G Y P S Y !!!!!

I had sooooooo much fun creating this ensemble. It is a sensuous blend of textures and functionality that is just fun as hell to wear and looks damn smexy!

This ensemble consists of Blouse with pouf & tasseled sleeved, simple coordinated glitch pants, 4 layered 7 textured double skirting with attached belt, tarot cards at waist & crystal ball hanging from a hemp bag, brown leather calf high boots, golden hoop earrings, feather & leather bracelet, a tambourine (with touch on & off jingle sound!!) worn in the right hand and last but not least a DANCE HUD to help you snake those hips and wiggle your uhmm.. tambourine! OMG this is just soooooooo much fun.

**** I was gonna mention, but got excited rambling, and forgot yesterday, MY BAD, this outfit had a major assist from my sis Karra. She made the tambourine AND SCRIPTED IT as well as finishing up the "Im LOST! HELP ME" portion of my Gypsy Dance HUD. She's becoming a scripting wiz now too! Love ya sis, thank you!! huggles! You are the best! ****

Second, I have for you... Americana Baggies Outfit "THIS ITEM IS A GIFT FOR ALL THROUGH WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2009." (oh I know what I said above but I need to wean myself off giving stuff away ya know!)

This is a baggies outfit with a bit off the norm. It's in white & blues and has a more feminine, less hard core bad girl look to it. It comes with a naughty but nice daring halter top, sweat pants, the baggies & cargo pockets attachments are sculpty. And it comes with it's own color/texture coordinated sneakers. YES.. I have sneakers now! Watch for more colors to be released soon.

Oh.. I should note here that BOTH new releases have built in PRIM item resizers for easy fitting. Simply touch any item for a menu.

One last note, I am participating in the "Addiction Hunt" coming up soon to a grid near you!

So that's a wrap for today! Huggles!
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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