Sizzlin' Safari NEW Pick Reward @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

Sizzlin Safari !!! Prim & Pixel Paradise New Pick Reward

OMG!! Another animal print outfit from me. LOL. I swearrrrrrrrr! I swear this is the last one for a .. well.. a while. LOL
[[[glances behind back.. nope no one can see my fingers are crossed]]]]

I just couldn't help it ladies. I had this on the back burner of my brain for some time. I had to dislodge it so I could move forward on to the designs for y'all.

ANYWAYS, on to the details. TWO flavors (as you can see by the pics. One is leopard, the other that is available is the tiger print.

EACH contains:
A short 3 layer flexi skirt in either tiger or leapord.
A short 3 layer flexi skirt in black netting.
A long flexi gown skirt in either tiger or leopard.
Top which comes in shirt and jacket layers.
Long pants/tights in either tiger or leopard.
Short glitch pants in either tiger or leopard.

If you snag them both, it's terrific fun to mix and match up the pieces. The tiger ensemble also compliments the last reward .. the Serengeti Ensemble, so snag it if you want to build on that.

NOW.. drum roll... the flavor that is the NEW PICK REWARD is the ........... LEOPARD ENSEMBLE!

It is also available for sale at a savings of 150L for those of you who prefer not to have us in your picks. It will go to regular retail when the pick reward is changed.

They are also available as a duo pack for added moola savings.

Style info:
Skin ~ Lara Skins
Shape ~ Alady
Hair ~ sWEET HAir. by sWEET FACEs
Poses ~ Oracle
Watch ~ Bukka
Ring ~ JCNY
Boots ~ Bukka

Huggles and off to bed I go! It's 7:30 AM here and I been burning the midnight oil to get this dazzler out of Photoshop and into the box for you gals.

PS... I haven't forgotten you guys!!!!!!!! You are NEXT!!!!!! Sooner than you may think!

Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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