Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt @ Prim & Pixel

Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt
Began Saturday August 14th and runs through August 29th.
My star of choice is Claudette Colbert.  Now what the heck would I have made? :D
HUNT OBJECT:  Golden Sculpty Star
MY HINT: Look for it on the map.
HUNT GROUP: http://app/group/dcb23732-9de4-1f8e-b9ee-9c4d2529bb57/about
HUNT ORGANIZER: Danika Mavendorf
START LOCATION: Deviant Designs http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deviant%20Island/123/122/22


As always, give me a theme to run with and I just have a balll!!! This golden ensemble will turn anyone into the Queen of the Nile.

Included pieces are:
Bra top on all layers (3)
Pant w/Shing Guards on all layers (2)
Skirt (with and without resizer scripting) (2)
Bestat Cape (spine & chest) (2)
Queen's Headdress with built in hairstyle (with and without resizer scripting) (2)
Matching Bracelets and Ankle Bracelets (4)
Corn row & Dreads Long Flexi Hairstyles (with and without resizer scripting) (2)
Bare Feet (scripted for use with included HUD) (1 pair)
Bare Feet Alpha Mask for foot coverage. (1)
Bare Feet HUD for skin color, nail polish retexturing, toe jewelry on/off (1)

Non-scripted items are Modify/Copy/No Transfer
Scripted item scripts are no modify, no transfer. PLEASE REMEMBER to COPY your SCRIPTED ITEMS, Then use the menus to resize then delete scripts to provide lag free wearing.

Styling credits:
Skin - Lara Skins by Lara Hurley
Shape - Alady
Hair - Analog Dog
Eyes - PixelDolls /Poetic Colors
Nails - PixelMode

Raven Keep Fantasy Goodies http://slurl.com/secondlife/Farm/103/125/23
Continue your visit to the Nile with a visit to Raven Keep. Now available, Egyptian Bastet Statues in black or white. Each comes mounted on a heirogylphic engraved stone. Each has a built in resizer to allow you to resize the statue to suit your needs, from tiny statuette to huge statue. Transfer Only.

My sister Karra's Wiccan shoppe, Raven Keep, is up and has merchandise of all flavors of fanticiful and magikal goodies, pics, and clothing. Stop by and take a gander.

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