New Release! SUMMER ROMANCE @ Prim & Pixel

(more pics at XStreet, link below)

Summertime romancing, warm breezes, walks in fields of flowers, the sun filtering through a lacy parasol, wisps of air kissing your skin through battenberg lace openwork.

Live the moment.

This comes with soooo many pieces!
7, yes 7, skirt options (Ballgown to mini tango)
2 blouses on all layers
4 glitch pants on all layers
bra & panty on all layers
matching open toe heels (with & without resizing script)
2 styles of collar both with or without a diamond & pearl brooch
matching huge feminine hat
matching open and close parasol with hold animation.

Hair by Hair & Hair
Shape by Alady
Skin by Lara Skins
Eyes by Poetic Eyes

This package contains GLITCH pants only.  They are not finished with pant cuffs. 

Collars are  White & Lace PLAIN and White & Lace with diamond & pearl brooch.

Accessories include shoes (with and without resizer scripting), umbrella (opens & closes with umbrella hold animation), wide brim hat.

Have fun mixing and matching the options. 

Terrific for a walk in the countryside or to walk down the aisle. :)


Also available on XStreet for easy gift giving or lazy shopping LOL.  Lots more pics there too.
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