Important News @ Prim & Pixel

LAST DAY for the 50% Off sale here at Prim & Pixel.

Sorry, but, the sim I am currently on will no longer be available as of Sunday, August 1st.

Sale ends  July 31st at 6 PM SLT when I will begin tearing down the store at this location..

I AM NOT CLOSING FOR GOOD, just closing this location! I've been hard at work setting up a new store on a new location and will be sending out the new link in a seperate notice on JULY 31ST!

STEALS & DEALS ~ "Serengeti" tiger print ensemble.  Regularly priced at $400L is now only $100L for this extensive ensemble thru Sunday, August 1st.

This is a versatile & stylish ensemble that will take you from the boardroom to a stroll on the beach and then out to dance the night away.

Many options: 3 skirts, 3 pants/shorts, 2 tops which allow you to mix it up and make it uniquely your style. The set also includes the tiger claw necklace & earrings which comes in "nano sparkle" (NOT bling!!!!) and no sparkle versions. The jewelry is also scripted for easy menu resizing. Just touch any part to bring up the blue menu.

THE MOVE!!!!!!!!!
I will be sending out the LM/SLURL to my new location tomorrow before 6 PM along with info on my Moving Gift to get y'all familiar with the new location. :)

BLOUSE BONANZA is finished as of Saturday July 31st.

If you are missing any of the sent out shirts, now is your time to hit up the folder at the subscriber to retrieve them or buy them for $1 on the wall.  Remember these will not be available for sale again, they will not be available at the new location.


What's a Palooza, it's a time for bringing out creativity, so I will once again be fiddling with styles and textures and sending out a "never to be sold" version to my subscribers. I will begin doing what I did in Blouse Bonanza, but with all sorts of Pant layers (shorts, slacks, capris, jeans and maybe even undies)! 

Once the dust settles from the move, I'll be sending these out to my subscribers.  :D


The $0L Prim & Pixel gifts are coming to an end, of sorts.  The days of them just being set out around the store will end with this store location.  At the new store, camp chairs will be available with all the current gifts in varying time requirements.  So if you want to get them without  camping you only have until Saturday, July 31st 6 PM SLT.

ALSO "CURTAINS" will only be available on XStreet as of August 1st, so if you wish to see them up close and personal now it the time to go see them in the 2 story skybox.

CARWASH 10L CART SALE is still going strong. TP to my cart with this SLURL.....

Have a terrific weekend.
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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