Prim & Pixel Paradise Guft 11 is Available

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GIFT 11 is here! This is a terrific casual outfit for the holidays. Perfect for those dashes to the LC's, MM's, sales & hunts.

Holiday Holly & Mistletoe Outfit

Come with many layers for the white shirt & mistletoe tapestry bodice so it can be worn tucked and untucked, as well as either one can be worn alone. Pants come with matching sculpted cuffs and lastly the green knit wrap around scarf,, pinned together with a bunch of holly leaves & berries. Enjoy! Psssr! The Holiday Walk ABout Hat goes great with this!!

This gift EXPIRES Monday, Dec. 14th, 2009 at NOON. It is under either large tree inside my shop and is in the SHINY GOLDEN GIFT BOX. The other gift boxes there are EXPIRED GIFTS.

AND... remember HOLIDAY HUD CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINE is DEC. 16trh!!!!!! 1500L could be YOURS!

AND... if you aren't on my subscriber list (NO GROUP REQUIRED), please do so! Many fashion groups I can only post to ONCE A WEEK so you may miss out on the other daily gifts this season! It's located in the front info hallway on the wall. Slap that green SUBSCRIBE button! :D

Warmest Holiday Huggles!
Mairead & Karra


This gift is just the cutest! My sister Karra wove her prim magic (wiccans do that sort of thing ya know!) and poof appeared this adorable penguin in a winter snow scene! Perfect for your seasonal landscaping.

This gift expired Sunday, Dec. 13thm 2009 at noon. Sorry if you missed it!

Want a sneak peak at my next hunt gift item? Look at my bletaverse picture blog. It's NOT finished yet. Getting there. Getting to verion 4 of the textures. This will be the complete AV including HAIR OMG.. and not hidden by a hat either!
The hair is driving me NUTZO, kudos out there to hair designers everywhere for your hard work and patience!

AND... remember HOLIDAY HUD CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINE is DEC. 16trh!!!!!! 1500L could be YOURS!

Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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