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Another gift for those of the male persuasion!

This gift is a sculpted pipe on wooden display stand and it is a pipe dispenser too. Touch the display to receive a folder containing a wear on hand pipe, wear on mouth pipe and smoking gesture. Both pipes have animated hot coals & realistic smoke puff particle animations.

The perfect pipe for all you would be Santa Clauses or Hugh Hefners!

This gift EXPIRES Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 2009 at NOON. It is under either large tree inside my shop and is in the GREEN RHINESTONE BOX with BLACK LID GIFT BOX. The other gift boxes there are EXPIRED GIFTS and now available retail.

Reminder.. The Holiday Holly & Mistletoe Outfit EXPIRES at NOON today! Goes perfectly with the Holiday Walking hat (previous gift.. remember... I said that hat would go with other things.. and I still have TWO more additions to this outfit coming down the holiday gift chute! So if you want the entire ensemble get thy butt down to the store to snag this!)

AND... remember HOLIDAY HUD CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINE is DEC. 16trh!!!!!! 1500L could be YOURS! Grab the photo HUD FREE here...

AND... if you aren't on my subscriber list (NO GROUP REQUIRED), please do so! Many fashion groups I can only post to ONCE A WEEK so you may miss out on the other daily gifts this season! It's located in the front info hallway on the wall. Slap that green SUBSCRIBE button! :D I sent out a small gift to subscribers only today.. an animated sound gesture for the holidays.

Want to buy someone special a castle? Make them feel like a King or Queen? Treat yourself? A sale in our prefabs area!!! Grab the tp up from any of the store teleporters. Huge price cuts on the builds displayed on the wall in that area. Ir grab this SLURL now...

Warmest Holiday Huggles!
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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