Prim & Pixel presents Turtle Bay Market Halloween Hunt

Welcome to the Turtle Bay, Bunny Bay Market Halloween Hunt!

Dates: Oct. 28th (midnight LST) through Nov. 1st (3 PM LST)

You will be hunting for M&M shaped candies, in assorted colors, throughout the market.

Look for the shops and stalls displaying the hunt sign, for candies.

Candies can be ONE OF A KIND ITEMS (eggs). Once it is taken, it is gone.
The shop owner MAY or MAY NOT replace it with another at some point during the hunt.
If you are not interested in an egg... PLEASE do not buy it, leave it for someone else.

Candies that contain items other than eggs give one gift per person!

Some candies will contain LINDENS in varying amounts. These will disappear after being found. Up to 1000L a day will be placed throughout the market. Money candy replenished mid-afternoon each day.

Candies donated by Turtle Bay Market & Prim & Pixel Paradise are scattered throughout the market place, out side of stalls.

There are lots of interesting items up for grabs, eggs of course, pet supplies, jewelry, clothing & costumes (unisex, men & women's.. PSST... A dozen Prim & Pixel Paradise items too!!!!), halloween decorative items and more.

Come spend some time with us! Get to know our merchants! Enjoy our scenic market and sim. Looking for a shop or stall rental? Talk to Karra Babbi.

We even have witches brooms you can rez and ride (2 seater too!) to make your hunt even more fun!

ALL CANDIES ARE LOCATED IN THE 1/2 sim marketplace only.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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