New! Aquelarre [Black Sabbath] Gown @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

Aquelarre [Black Sabbath] Witches Ball Gown Ensemble

Special pricing through Halloween. 50% off!

Sumptuous midnight black velvet ballgown ensemble with jeweled detailing.

I created this to wear to The Magic of Oz sim's 2cd Oziversary Masquerade Ball and associated Flickr contest. Now it is available to the public.

This not a just for Halloween gown! It is perfect for any formal event, ballroom dancing, as well as gothic, vampire, royalty roleplay.

Ensemble includes....
2 flexi skirt layers
low cut front & back long sleeved bodice
sculpty collar with matching flexi lace embellishments
double cuffs with matching flexi lace embellishments
glitch pants
star earrings
matching sculpted witch's pointed hat
and shiny leather cuffed ankle boots which emit star burts.

Also available on Xstreet for regular & gift purchase.

Shown wearing Bish Hair, Alady shape & Lara Skins skin.

Be sure to check out my costume department for your Halloween and roleplay needs.

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