Picks Reward! New! 32 Piece Belladonna Ensemble

Picks Rewards Started @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

My sister Karra and I decided to initiate "Pick Rewards" at Prim & Pixel Paradise.

As my customer know, I have in the past been giving out a version of my new releases free either in the form of a mini-hunt, a lucky chair item, or just come & grab it box.

From now on, all new release gifts will be issued through the Pick's Reward Board. So make sure you stop by the shop, when you land, open your profile, go to PICKS tab, select the new button. Within 24 to 48 hours you can come back and snag the newest release gift available at the shop.

Release gifts with still come out in my usual hapazard time frame, from daily to every 2 weeks, so make sure my shop is in your picks at all times! Once a release reward is removed, it goes retail.

All that said, I'm proud to announce my first Picks Reward is Belladonna, a scrumptuous 32 piece gothic inspired ensemble. It includes Tophat, gloves w/ruffles, outer jacket, pants, 2 veils, catsuit layers w/laced cuffs, 2 collar/jabot sets w/cameo, cameo brooch, 4 skirting layer options, rose corsage and boots. I hope I didn't miss anything! Have fun with this, mix and match the black rose lace with the silken damask layers, be unique.

Hump Day Huggles !!!

Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
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