Breezy Ensemble & It's In the LC @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

NEW! Breezy Ensemble & It's In the LC!

Summery... soft... and sheer*.

This newest ensemble is layers of cotton guaze fabric with a cutaway ribbon laced bodice.

The outfit comes with Bodice (shirt/undershirt layers), Pants (pants & Underwear layers), 14 panel Flexi Skirt and Feathered Jewelry (upper armband, wristband, earrings.)

From now through Monday, May 25th, 2007 (USA Memorial Day)this item is available in our LUCKY CHAIR. 10 minute letter changes and wildcard (?) is turned on. Don't want to wait on the chair? The ensemble is also available for purchase for 50% off and will go to normal retail next Tuesday.

Ballinger Builds Special ~ 50% off his prefab, "Goth Castle"

Prim & Pixel Paradise Prefabs Special

Karra's newest release in her Tudor line is "Cottage 3" and during tis extended Memorial Day weekend, she has rediced the price from $799L to $499L.

Here in the USA Monday, is officially Memorial Day... so for everyone around the globe who has friends & family serving or who has served in the military, may you share a peaceful weekend with your loved ones.

Oh... oops PS! The Greedy Greedy Contest is still going! Read more in past news.
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

* Depending on your skin tone a faint blush of nipple may be seen. If this botherres you, were both shirt/pant layers to give an opaque look. :)

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