Irish Newness, LC Update @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

Well, I started off making a rhinestone covered top hat. Started being the key word. 22 pieces later, I have for you a fabu outfit and not just for the Irish in you.

In this 22 piece package is a full rhinestone sculpy coat, actually THREE coats of different lengths! Three top hats in various stages of embellishment. A showgirls head piece and tail piece of feathers and rhinestones. Irish green top and bottoms. Rhinestone heels, Rhinestone earrings. Check out the pics which don't do them justice! Lots of sparkle all with textures, no bling.

AND to add to the holiday Lucky feelings of the Irish, I've put this outfit in my Lucky Chair until Monday so you have 36 hours to try your luck! Letters refresh every 10 minutes.

Impatient? This entire outfit is a mere 299L.

Kiss us! We're Irish! REALLY!
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."


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