Star Hunt at Prim & Pixel - Peace Sleigh 2008 Nov. 11-13

FREE!!!! For the next three days (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - November 11th - 13th ) this gorgeous Peace Sleigh put together by my sister Karra with a bit of texturing from me, will be available as a... you got it! A HUNT PRIZE! :D

There are golden sculpty stars laying about the shop, inside and out and only ONE of these stars contains the sleigh. It is your mission, if you choose to accept it (hahaha *play theme from Mission Impossible is to locate this prize star and snag your sleigh!

NOTE!!! This sculpty will NOT show up at a distance as a star! You must be within 10 or so feet for it to take it's star shape. So cammer's you have been alerted, some hoofing around may be necessary. :)

Go do your holiday shopping in this! Show your spirit of the season. This fantastic sleigh flies! It also emits a golden star stream! It had a built in pose for one.

Flying Commands:
In your open chat box, type start to fly and stop to uhmmmm errhmmm stop! LOL
Use your WASD or PG UP/PG DN and arrow keys to navigate.

Particle Star Commands:
In your open chat box, simply type on or off to activate or deactive the star stream.
Or, left click on the red toy bag on the rear of the sleigh.

Mairead & Karra's Commands:
HAVE FUN! Spread some peace and joy in the world and on the grid.

Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."
Prim & Pixel Paradise

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