New! Destry Ensemble ~ Free til Monday, noon LST.

First order of bizzz.. for those who wanted a more demure panty for the Portia Unbound ensemble it is done and in a box on the front porch! Set for sale at 0L. Pop by to snag them.

•.¸('*•.¸ NEW RELEASE! FREE FOR TWENTY-FOUR HOURS!!!! Destry Ensemble ¸.•*´)¸ .•*♥¨

FREE!!!! For 24 hours (until noon LST on Monday, Nov. 10th) then priced at $200L
YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND IT!!! ONE ITEM TO HUNT! Awwwww c'mon! You know I love doing this sort of thing! :D
HINT - Look at the ad and think about it. :)
Out fit is boxed and available for $200L if you don't feel like hunting for it :)

Hot on the heels of Portia Unbound comes... "Destry:, a swank 12 piece outfit. I envisioned my avie riding through Central Park on a cool, crisp autumn morning as I created this. Create your own fantasy to go with it! :) Actually, my journey on this outfit began at Ryker Beck's shop, :: Genesis :: (slurl below) , where I was admiring a pocketwatch she created, alas for men. So I came home and decided to attempt one for myself. I know that mine is no where close to being as good, but more than adequate I think, but then I added a horse watchface, and well, started thinking about trotting through the trees and well here is the result.. Mairead's mind has wandered again!!!

Comes with turtleneck sweater, 4 button vest, satin jodpurs, leather boots with leg warmer toppers, and 2 belts, one with a pockwatch and one without. Boots come with Sexy Walk and Heel Click Sounds, menu driven. I have also provided a non-AO right boot that you can wear so as to not interfere with any other AO options you have such as the Zooby pets.

Free-ness ends Monday at NOON LST! Then the price is $200L

*•.¸('*•.¸ Other $0L Gifts from Mairead & Karra ¸.•*´)¸ .•*♥¨

Lucky Chair - Torrid a delightful lipstick red chiffon cocktail dress.
Other Gifts - Twinkle Twinkle Star, Primroses & Lace Belted Skirt, Queen of the Silver Dollar Glow Go Go Bracelets, What The Hell Silks, What The Hell Skin, Merry Widow Necklace.

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Prim & Pixel Paradise
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