New Release Hunt! Chain Mail & Leather Ensemble

*BIG SMILE* I'm happy to announce this latest creation, Chainmail & Leather, 19 copy/modify pieces of smexy outdoor wear. This even includes stiletto heeled boots (which have built in sexy walk/heel sounds). Not shown are knee length pants.

So, as many of you know, a new release, means HUNT TIME at Prim & Pixel Paradise! WHOOPIEEEEEEEE!

The outfit has been distributed into 19, count 'em, NINETEEN adorable penguins! Sample penguin at the landing zone area, on the dock. As always, I am available for hints and the random raffle ball will be showering lindens on the hunters.

The hunt will last from this evening, Sunday, Nov. 23rd @ 3 PM LST though Nov. 27th @ 11:50 PM LST.

If you previously hunted or purchased my Destry, Troika, or Portia Unbound outfits, you will find many of the pieces interchangeable with Chainmail & Leather, giving you scores of wardrobe combinations. This outfit is a little bit gothic, little bit victorian, little bit medieval, little bit fantasy, it is a lot of my imagination mixed with the sumptuous warm autumn browns of the season.

Hair - ETD
Skin - RaC
Shape - Alady
Eyes - PixelDolls

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