New! Holiday Sleigh from Karra

Here at Prim & Pixel Paradise we've been getting ready for the upcoming holiday season and my sister Kara has released retail versions of our former limited edition Peace Sleigh 2008, which was given out free to our visitors earlier this week and no longer available.

These differ in that they are sold with (29 prims) or without (27 prims) the reindeer, the greetings from Prim & Pixel Paradise have been removed from the toy bag, the peace symbol lap quilt has been replaced with a sumptuous red velvet quilt that matches the toy bag.

The functionality remains unchanged, the sleigh flies using PG/UP combined with either WASD or arrow keys for direction and the toy bag emits a trail of golden stars behind you. The star may be turned off or on with "on"/"off" chat commands or by touching the red toy bag.

These are a lot of fun to fly around or to park on your lawn or rooftop.

At only $150L they are a holiday bargain.

OTHER NEWS - Our $ecret $ale continues through Sunday at 6 PM LST. In additional to the regular visitor gifts priced at $0L, we have lowered the price of fifteen (15) of our regular retail priced items to $0L. You know the drill, look about until you find the items. Buy for $0L. Come treat yourself.

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