New ~ Open Toe Slingback Shoes

Good morning!

Short & Sweet release today, on the heels .. LOL... of my new Merry Widow Gown and accessories yesterday, are these simple chich open toe slingback high heels.

Available in black, red, royal blue, gold, copper, tan, eggplant, and green.

Price will normally be $90L but for the next 3 days at an introductory release price of $50L!! Located near the Merry Widow gown in the Courtyard.

Be sure to check out the Merry Widow set I released yesterday, gown $100L, shoes $100L and necklace is a giftee!

Current gifts at 0L...Primrose and lace skirt, twinkle star, What The Hell Halloween silks, What the Hell masked skin, Cat Mask, Queen of the Silver Dollar glow bracelets, Cassie Hat in natural straw & blue flowers & ribbon, and the Codie Rouge dress in midnight black.

Lastly my curtains have been moved to the lower level, signpost TP has been updated.

Big huggles to you all!

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