Grid Wide Pumpkin Hunt SNEAK PEEK

Grid Wide Pumpkin Hunt SNEAK PEEK (Oct. 31 - Nov. 2nd)~ Available FRIDAY! FREE! Just have to find it! ***Big grins ***

*•.¸('*•.¸ Troika ¸.•*´)¸ .•*♥¨

Hot on the heels of the Grid Wide GHOST BUSTERS Hunt, I figured everyones inventory was popping at the seems with Halloween goodies, so fior this new hunt, I decided to do something for the fall. A coat in a sumptuous velvety tapestry of fall colors, with russian sable fur sleeves, furry hat AND furry stilletto boots to match, as well as blouse and pants.
Hair - ETD
Skin - Laroki
Shape - Alady
Pose -Matreya
Eyes - PixelDolls
Shoot Location - Moscow Red Square

*•.¸('*•.¸ Halloween Offerings ¸.•*´)¸ .•*♥¨

The Merry Widow Gown
Layers of black satin, black velvet and black lace fabric woven together into a lush victorian, gothic gown. Perfect for the halloween season or for those who just adore wearing black. Great all year round but purrrr-fect for Halloween. :) Specially priced for the season at only $100 L!

The Merry Widow Necklace ( F R E E !!!!)

The Merry Widow Stilletto Shoes! Sculpty slingback, open toed pumps with spider web and ruby bodied black widow jeweled spider. Shoes come with sexy walk and heel sounds, easy to use touch & menu system.
Shoes package contains shoe base, left shoe, right shoe, right shoe with sexy walk & sounds & instruction notecard. Only 100L!


For the not so faint of heart, this eerily erotic webbed outfit wraps you in the thin silken webs as spiders watch over their wearer. Each turn of the full flowing ballgown skirt appears to have spiders running about your feet. The shoulder sash (flexi panels front and back) are gathered at the shoulder and held together by a spider sitting on your shoulder. The spider is actually a controller which controls a faint fog that arises from beneath your skirt. Simply touch the spider to turn the mist on or off. I hope you all enjoy this creation for the upcoming holiday festivities!

wHaT tHe hELL?!
What the Hell Silks & Skin GIFT!

And another offering for the holiday season that is FREE!
What The Hell Silks and skin, both free and can be found in our Creepy Hollow area. Enjoy!

Current gifts at 0L... Merry Widow Necklace, Primrose and Lace skirt, Twinkle Star, What The Hell Halloween silks, What the Hell masked skin, Cat Mask, Queen of the Silver Dollar glow bracelets, Codie Rouge gown in midnight black (subscriber), birdhouse

Luv ya ladies! Big hugggggles!
Mairead & Karra

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