Messy Closet Sale


That's the sound of of a avalanche of inventory crashing down on me.

Yes folx, Miss Mai here currently has an inventory totally over 275,000 items. Yes'm! You read that right! TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND items and growing!

It's time to clear a path in this closet!

So for an undetermined amount of time, I am setting up a floor of my shop where I will be depositing boxes of goodies as I photo and box them up.

In my 20 months of Secondlife, I've not only been a creator, but also a CONSUMER! Now it's time to part with some of my treasures. So I am digging through folders and packed closet boxes ferreting out the transferable items.

There will be items from famous designers, as well as the not so well known creators of goodies in Secondlife. Tee's, blouses, day dresses, evening gowns, belts, lingerie, pants, etc. etc. etc. Simone!, Last Call, HC, iBizare, aDiva, etc., etc., etc.

Now here's the drill....

1) MOST of the items will be pictured on on a large image collage. Just below each clothing item will be a green ball.

2) If you wish to buy that outfit, click and BUY on the green ball.

3) MOST items are NO COPY so be sure you again click the green ball you just purchased and select TAKE from the pop up pie menu.

*Note - If the green ball does NOT give a buy option, then someone already bought it and forgot to take it.

Some objects are in their original boxes. Click to purchase & then take.

4) I will scan objects a few times a day to make sure no purchases were left behind. If you forgot to take your purchase while you were there be sure to check your LOST & FOUND folder to see if I may have already sent it to you.

That's pretty much it. New items will appear daily as I weed through the folders and get the pics and boxes ready for the sale floor.

When you land at my shop click the teleport box at the bottom of the Messy Closet sign to get to the sale floor.

Hair - Ginza from Armidi
Skin - Lustere Nightshade by Gala Phoenix
Shape - Alady
Blouse by Callie Cline
Pants by GiGi Couture
Shoes by Maitreya
Pose - SP_Hayden Panettiere_1 by Striking Poses
Eyes - "Adorable Aqua" PixelDolls

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