It's Apple Hunt Time

It's time for a hunt! The apple you snag here contains the landmark and one of the shirts, which one, you find out.

Summer is almost over and fall is coming on fast so it's time for long sleeved tees!

I put out a dozen long sleeved t-shirts around my sim. There is one per area. Not all are inside the store.

You are hunting for golden apples, that obey the laws of gravity, per Sir Issac Newton! These are good sized apples, hard to miss! An example is inside the store on the first floor in front of the hunt sign.

Each apple is numbered, so you can keep track of your booty.

Each apple contains a different long sleeved tee.

Each apple costs $0L. F R E E !!!

Shirts are mod/copy/no transfer.

ALL shirts are black with white piping around a scooped neckline and are long, come in jacket layer only.

Hunt ends 9/1/2008 @ 11:50 PM SLT

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