Queen of the Nile Silks

A set as luxiurious and sensuos as thier namesake, Cleopatra, the last and best remembered, legendary Queen of Eqypt.

This set is the the sister set to Margareth ~ Princess of the Nile which will be released within the week.

The set is more daring, more sexual with a sensous flow to the movement of the flexi panels.

The set, while embued with the opulence of the weighty velvet, reveals more of the wearer's charms. *smile*

The skirt is more revealing, the panels meeting front and rear at an ancient ornate bejeweled scarb. The skirt has 6 panels.

The wrist bands are velvet and gold banded wraps for both forearms. (same as in Margareth - Princess of the Nile)

The upper arm bands have wide golden cuffs adorned with matching scarabs and one matching velvet and gold threaded flexi panel.

Next is the jabot collar, matching luxurious folds of flexi dropping from a golden neck ring, the bottom edges barely grazing the uppermost part of the exposed breasts of the wearer.

The jabot also comes in a cloak version, with long panels reaching to floor, swaying delicately with eash step. Both versions of the jabot come in both spine and chest attachments.

And finally, each set comes with a pair of color coordinated jeweled scarab sandals.

No blouse (top) or panties are designed to be worn with this set. However, if you feel topless is a bit too much I recommend my Gold Overlay tops selection, available for 25L each in a variety of colors.

Queen of the Nile sets are available in both "modify and copy" or "modify and transfer" for easy gift giving.


Hair - Ginza from Armidi
Skin - retired from Laqroki (RaC)
Shape - Alady
Pose - shots taken while dancing Sine Wave Island
Eyes - "Adorable Aqua" from PixelDolls

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