Margareth ~ Princess of the Nile - $1 August 15-22!!!

I was inspired to create this outfit by a new friend, who performs the more traditional belly dance at Arabian Nights. She found my regular silks a tad immodest for her performances. *smiles*

For one week only, August 15th through August 22, 2008 this item will be available for $1!!!!! Only available at our main shop.

The outfit is created of deep blue silk velvet that hs been heavily embroidered with gold metallic thread.

The bodice of the blouse is a deep v-neck, joined together with an ancient jeweled scarab. The short sleeves are toped with optional soft puffs attachments. The blouse comes in all 3 shirt layers to acocmodate other wardrobe pieces (recommeded: Midnight Blue & Gold Silks Wrap $25L) or your favorite tattoos.

The wrist bands are velvet and gold banded wraps for both forearms.

The semi transparent veil is a single silken chiffon flexi panel attached to a semi circle of polished gold. The veil comes in 3 version for mutliple attachment points so as to not interfere with collars, jewelry or HUDS (hopefully!) These are chin, face and nose.

The skirt is a double tiered, layered affair, attached to a slightly rippled hip piece in an effort to replicate swathed cloth at the hips without "making your ass look fat!" *grins* The skirt comes as both a stomach and a pelvis attachment.

The earrings are domed gold with inset lapis luzili and ruby, based on an original tomb find.

While Margareth - Princess of the Nile is a freebie, it willonly be offered as modify and copy, no transfer. If you require one for a gift, please IM or notecard me, Mairead Fitzgerald.

Be sure to check out the more daring companion outfit... Queen of the Nile when you stop by.

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