Prim & Pixel New Release - Mesh Ice Skates

Prim & Pixel @ Winter Holiday Village 2014


Mesh Ice Skates!
Includes a simple skate animation and texture change HUD.
2 blade textures, 7 cuff textures, 3 shoe/heel textures.
VIP GROUP DISCOUNTED 30% through THURSDAY, Nov. 27th, 2014
VIP Vendor Located on VIP GIFT Wall 1st Floor of store.

Also last day for this week's Steals & Deals Offering.  Sweaters & Leather pants.

Winter Holiday Village is OPEN!
Please enjoy our magical winter season gift to you!



DJ's/Live Musicians for our MUSIC ON ICE series.
Host/Hostess for Village.

NOTECARD me ONLY  if you ...
  •      Can be professional AND SHOW UP.
  •      DJ's MUST do VOICE interaction during their sets.
  •      Host duties are meet, greet, answer questions about SIM attractions.
Send me a NOTE CARD with info on if you are a TIPS ONLY or FEE (with pricing) artist.
                   Do not IM me, for some reason I never receive offline IM's.

Mairead Fitzgerald (Mrs Santa Claus)

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