Prim & Pixel - New Ankle Boots

Prim & Pixel @ Winter Holiday Village 2014

New Release - Ankle Boots
Texture change HUD.
2 laces textures
7 cuff textures
3 shoe/heel textures.
VIP GROUP DISCOUNTED 30% through SATURDAY, Nov. 29th, 2014
VIP Vendor Located on VIP GIFT Wall 1st Floor of store.

Winter Holiday Village is OPEN!
Please enjoy our magical winter season gift to you!



DJ's/Live Musicians for our MUSIC ON ICE series.
Host/Hostess for Village. SL Evenings & Weekends Only. Weekday DAY shifts filled.

NOTECARD me ONLY  if you ...
  •      Can be professional AND SHOW UP.
  •      DJ's MUST do VOICE interaction during their sets.
  •      Host duties are meet, greet, answer questions about SIM attractions.
Send me a NOTE CARD with info on if you are a TIPS ONLY or FEE (with pricing) artist.
                   Do not IM me, for some reason I never receive offline IM's.

Mairead Fitzgerald (Mrs Santa Claus)

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