Prim & Pixel May 6, New Release & Gifts

Prim & Pixel - "Life is in the details."

Hi Ladies, now for something a bit different! I am changing out how gifts are given beginning with Today's gifts. 

1) VIP Group always gets the most gifts
    VIP Group has a L$250 join fee.
    VIP Group gifts are maintained on the 2nd floor of the store.
    VIP Group gift availability, as a rule, does not expire.
    VIP Group is an in world group and requires a group slot.
    VIP Sign Up -   secondlife:///app/group/d1548edb-0c59-f073-a7d2-eb539ed7b3ed/about
2)  Subscriber Gifts - NEW!
     A gift is given out when one subscribes, been like that for years.
     When I provide a Subscriber gift, the the special vendor system will check to see
     if you are a subscriber, if so, it will give it to you. If not, it will ask you to  subscribe.
     Currently the default time is set to 4 days, if you are a new subscriber,
     you must wait 4 days to receive the gift. If you subscribed more than 4 days ago,
     the gift will be given to you.
      I WILL BE SETTING THIS TO 30 DAYS on May 15th.
      So get your shopping pals in on the subscriber.  Yes I do on occasion do men's items.
      Subscriber Gift availability will be time limited. Generally 7 to 14 days, then its gone.
      Subscriber is FREE TO JOIN.
      Subscriber Gift is available through the Subscriber Gift Vendor, not the actual Subscriber Joiner.
3)   Gift to All
      Previously just a L$0 box to buy the gift, is for all intents and purposes, gone.
      Occasionally one may be put out, but it will be rare.
      I will mostly only have L$0 buy boxes for hunt items.
So let's get this show on the road shall we and kick this off.

I have a cute strapless dress available.
Dress is boxes with 5 Standard size mesh AND 5 sizes of Fitted mesh.
VIP Members get ALL 5 TEXTURES on a texture Change HUD. Wear tag & Tap the VIP Vendor.
Subscribers get the MONOTONE* only version. No tag required, just Tap the Subscriber Vendor.
Not in either VIP Group or Subscriber? You are welcome to purchase the dress with ALL 5 TEXTURES for L$300.
DEMO is available.

*VIP Members do NOT need to join the subscriber.
When I provide a gift to both VIP & Subscriber, VIP will always get the subscriber version also. In this case... the MONOTONE is on your texture change HUD.

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