Prim & Pixel Spet 5th Birthday Presents are out!

In celebration of my birthday on Sept. 5th and the 6th year anniversary of Prim & Pixel, I wish to thank you all for the 1000's of hours of enjoyment, friendship and learning here in my SecondLife and I am offering up, for a limited time, Celebration.

Glitz and glamour befitting a celebration.
Standard sizing, of course.
Alpha layers & full perm alpha textures.

For those NOT in my group, the PINK version will be available as a gift on September 5th ONLY!!! September 5th ONLY!!! September 5th ONLY!!! One more time... September 5th ONLY!!! Please do not IM me for this after the 5th.

For my in world group members, I am offering as a gift, the HUD version, of Celebration. The HUD provides inventory space saving and all EIGHT, yes 8 (!!!!) colors! This HUD version will be available as a gift to my group members through Sunday, September 8th ONLY!!!

Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

Group Join Link secondlife:///app/group/d1548edb-0c59-f073-a7d2-eb539ed7b3ed/about

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