Merry Christmas From Prim & Pixel

Merry Christmas to everybody from me and my sister Karra.

I know I haven't blogged in a month, but there has been quite a few releases, the announcements went out to the fashion groups and to our many subscribers. There just weren't enough hours in the day the past 2 months to do everything I should have done or wanted to create. Unfortunately blogging went by the wayside.

On the plus side... sis and I have had the most fun Christmas season in SL to date.
Everyone seemed to really enjoy our Winter Holiday Village sim and I want to thank everyone who came to share their time with us there, we enjoyed all of you!

If you haven't been to the village yet, I invite you to visit before we move it in the coming weeks and begin to transition it into a late winter early spring design. For now, all the winter time fun is still in tact, fun is to be had and plenty of time to "Make A Memory" our motto for the village. :)
Thank you to LindenLabs who made us their first wintertime activities sim an Editor's Pick for 2011.  
Thank you to I...Pad (aka Padraig Ashbourne) for writing a beautiful feature article about our village in the BOSL (Best of SL magazine's December 1, 2011 edition, accompanied by the beautiful photographs taken by Sav Lanzet.
Thank you to Kerhop Seattle who photographed our sim in panaramic 360 degree views that are breathtaking.

I would also like to thank our retinue of elves who strove to meet, greet and cheer our visitors. EvilCherry, Clohie, Kimmie, & LisaLite were always full of of elven charm.

I would like to thank my real life fiance & secondlife partner, Sutra Kish for tirelessly spending much of his well earned vacation time pinch hitting for Santa Claus.  He did a marvelous job. Love that man of mine! :)
Lastly, I want to thank Karra Babii (my real life & SL sister) who put up with me and my whims of fancy for this sim development, working through things with me til they happened or tirelessly explaining to me why they couldn't. LOL  In either event, the result was full of old fashioned charm we wanted. Couldn't have done without you sis. Love you big time.

Enough babbling, time for me to get some sleep! Santa arrives soon! :D To all a good night!  Mairead

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