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     This is a long one, chock full of goodies, so read my blathering or just skip to the pics
     and enjoy!

      Steals & Deals available through October 3, 2011

      This not a just for Halloween gown!
       It is perfect for any formal event, ballroom dancing, as well as gothic, vampire, royalty roleplay.  Ensemble includes....
      2 flexi skirt layers
      low cut front & back long sleeved bodice
      sculpty collar with matching flexi lace embellishments
      double cuffs with matching flexi lace embellishments
      glitch pants
      star earrings
      matching sculpted witch's pointed hat
      and shiny leather cuffed ankle boots w/star burts.
      Regular price L$500 ON SALE for L$125 !!! OMG!!!          
Yee ha!!!  Just wear and fly! Easy peasy. Decorated with pumkins, pumkin vines, sklls and glowing trails,. Get your witchy poo on!
      Only L$50 to start winding your way up to Halloween fun!
      Regular price L$150.  Save 100L thru Monday!

NEW!!!! One of my 4 animated gnomes. The Apple Picker. This little guy is hard at work gathering up apples as they fall from the tree. Too kyoot! Low lag scripted too! 0.04ms!! 22 prims, transfer only!  Great decor for the fall. Check out the other 3 gnomes below!
      The Apple Picker is PROMO PRICED at only L$75L!!!!!!
      Save L$125! After Monday it goes to L$200L.

     NEW! Animated gnomes! Too kyoot. :D  I had LOTS n' LOTS of fun making these. 

     This little guy has his tent and campfire and a log to sit on. He looks about, spots
     a perfect sized branch for toasting marshmallows over an open fire.
     This little dude is purloining sweets at his Tricky Trick Bag Inspection area. :)
      And this little guy keeps on pouring beer into his mug from a beer keg until he finally
      misses his chair and falls on the ground.

      Each vary from 21 to 25 prims.
      Low lag scripted at no more thN 0.03 OR 0.04 milliseconds while running.
      For something a bit different.. Pumpkin Topiaries.
      Come in carved and uncarved, 1 of each in a set.
      Copy, mod, no transfer.  Only 2 prims. Unscripted.

 @ Raven Keep Wiccan & Magic Shop
Karra has been quite the busy bee this week and showcasing mucho grande goodies with a wiccan flair.     All the items below are currently rezzed on the sim so you can check them out first hand before you buy.
First off she has TWO count 'em TWO new scenic sets.  These can be used as skyboxes or used on land, with or without the surroudning scenic box.   Both come with a rezzer.  Both are COPY/NO MOD/NO TRANSFER.
This Wiccan RPer's dream, especially with Belthane coming, is LOW LAG (0.02ms) scripted for all this...  altar spellcasting pose, cauldron with fire, boiling brew & steam. Graveyard fog. Candles on altar & wiccan      pentagram. Only 68 prims for all this!  10x10x8m.
AND .. it is sis's Steals & Deal offering this week for a mere L$175!!!! Regular price will be L$399 on Tuesday!

Also, she managed to get this scene out in time for the weekend...
     ... this wiccan RP scene is set amongst the ruins, ala Stonehenge-ish.  This sports 4 seperate altars  surrounding the circle, each with spellcasting poses and assorted books, candles and spellcasting  paraphenailia.  Also included is a centrally positioned cauldron (also scripted with boiling brew, steam & fire) but with a raven a top, touch it for a delicate flurry of silver stars.  Candles on all altars as well as all 5 points of the Wiccan pentagram. 82 prins for everything. 20x20x8m. 0.02ms low lag scripted.
AND... a new table and chair set for the Wiccan at heart :) Comes in a light oak or dark walnut wood finish. Each chair has 2 animated sit poses.  Comes with 4 chairs and 1 tables, only 1 prim each!!! Chairs have a Wiccan pentagram in the backs and the table has a carved inlay of the Wiccan pentagram.

    NEW RELEASE - Hippie Outfit
    Psychedelic tiedye t-shirt with a peace symbol and torn jeans with belt.
    Let your monkey get their groove on!


@ LAND SALES        
If you are looking for land to buy let my sister Karra Babii know. She may have what you need. We have full 15000 prim sims and many homesteads with 3750 prims available. 4096sqm to 65536sqm. Just ask her and she will be glad to show them to you.
Land website link.
    Contact Karra Babbi for more Information.   
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