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 From one side of the world to the other
we have all been affected
by the shocking events of Sept. 11. 2001.
A Word of Thanks to all the
men and women around the world
of Police, Medical, Postal
and Firefighter Departments, for having placed
and continuing to place their lives on the front
lines of this here war on terrorism.

A prayer for all Military Departments
and Personnel involved in this war
against terrorism. That the men and
women return safely, and that they and
their families be comforted during
the passing holidays.

A Special prayer for all the surviving
families and friends of the victims of Sept. 11, 01
all around the world who will now face life, without
their loved ones, in a physical form...

A prayer for those who have lost their
livelyhoods, that they may rebuild
and be comforted.

A prayer for the opressed peoples of
Afganistan that they may be able
to rebuild their lives, towns,
and country.


IM me TODAY and I will send your the USA top from the Savannah outfit to wear today.
Much love and many hugs around the world from Mairead and Karra

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