Pardon Our Dust Gift @ Prim & Pixel

First, if you didn't get the other notice please note that I have moved!  The new LM/SLURL is

Second, if you continue to have us in your Picks, and you stop by for the gift below or any other time, please reset  it. If you do, a big thank you! I am diligently looking for a replacement award giver.

Thirdly, eeps.. this went out to the subscribers but I forgot to blog it for everyone else...I have a "pardon our dust"  gift for you.... The Little White Dress.

This will remain a gift through August 8th, 2010

It's a somewhat simple yet alluring and definitely feminine white lace mini-dress. 

The bodice has an option of with or without the built in lace bandeau.   Perhaps you have a smexy white lacey top or bra of your own to wear there? Or perhaps another color to add a bit of a pop? Or no bra for the really daring?? 0.o  LOL

There is also optional "side hip bows" in white satin.

The bodice comes in all layers.  All pieces are modify/copy/no transfer.

Skin - Lara Skins by Lara Hurley
Shape by Alady
Eyes by PixelDolls
Prim Nails by Mandala
Earrings by Mandala
Hair by Hair & Hair


1) My usual plethora of 0L gifts scattered around the store are now being added to camping chairs. Still free, just takes a bit of your time to acquire.

2) You will notice the store is smaller.  I am migrating, at last, the rest of my stock over to XStreet Marketplace, and shortly will have clickable web urls in the front info area to key categories such as furniture, draperies, costumes, etc.

So I will be moving stock there and the more popular items will always remain in the shop.

3) Debit Cards are now available.  You may also purchase these as gift cards.  They are coded by your individual UID and do not require being worn. 

4) Customer Reward Points.  New vendors entitle you to earn reward CREDIT in the store.

The three different levels are the tiers based on the total amount that you spend at Prim & Pixel. After your reach one of the tiers, you will be credited to their store account the percentage of the amount spent on transactions after reaching that goal. The higher the level, the larger the percentage.

TIER                           TOTAL SPENT                        CREDITED TO CARD              
Bronze                        500-999                            4% of each purchase price
Silver                         1000-2999                        8% of each purchase price
Gold                           3000 +                               12% of each purchase price

5) I am no on a light commercial homestead sim.  This means a huge influx of shoppers will lag the sim proportionally.  Sim limit is 20 avies at one time. If you have difficulty tping to my store or find yourself extremely laggy, please try another time, to avoid frustration.   So far our visitors have been very comfy with being able to move.

Okey dokey I think I covered everything.  If you need more information on anything just ask me. :)

Mairead & Karra Prim & Pixel Paradise "Life is in the details."

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