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It's HUNT TIME again! I am participating in the Wiccan Ostara (spring) Hunt and the Building Blocks Hunt.

I have 2 goodies out for you to find!

First on the list is the Osata Outfit.
You are looking for a small image of a pretty pentagram.
HINT: Get your fortune told.
The pale semi sheeer jack, top and skirt hip material is a sot spring sky blue with a field of small distant suns (stars). The flexi portion of the skirt is a stunning range of pale pinks & sky blue colors on ruffled layer upon ruffled layer. T

This outfit whispers softness, rebirth, fertility... SPRING

This ensemble includes a sculpted semisheer jacket, sculpted laced & flexi skirt, sculpted bra top, sandals, arcane symbol head piece, and a pair of arcane symbol had poofers.

It is package in regular COPY/MOD/No TRANSFER for the hand editing afficianados out there as well as having the prim pieces also included with resizer scripts (COPY/NO MOD/NO TRANSFER) for those who like to do it the simple way. Note, the sandals are only available without resizers.

Next up for the hunting is The Crypt.
You are looking for a hammer.
HINT: You should not prune roses with a hammer.

This classically appointed mauseleum is hand textured in shades of white and gray marble and boasts an interior fit for two coffins.

FOOT PRINT 20x20 meters.

Both items are available for purchase at a discounted price if you perfer not to hunt.

ALSO at Turtle Bay Market, my sister is participating in the building blocks hunt and has a gorgeous Victorian Barn to find. Prim Count is 80. Sorry I don't know & footprint offhand. U xiyks guesstimate it at about 20m wide x 40 meters deep.

Shopping for St. Patty's Day? I will have another notice out this afternoon about the "Wearin' O' the Green"! :D

Also be sure to grab th pick reward if you haven't done so yet!

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