Perfection at Prim & Pixel Paradise

I MOVED!!!! But not far, just to the east end of the sim. And there is a new store build.

I've had so much on my plate, juggling Turtle Bay Market's expeansion with sis
(BTW! Looking for a market for your pet products? check us out!), finalizing the P&PP new build and moving stock, getting 3 more grid wide hunt items ready to fly for Oct. 15th. ::pant::: pant:::: LOL

Anyhooooo, the reason I am disturbing your peaceful weekend is to let you know
I put out a little gift for you all. This is to entice you to come refresh your landmarks and to update your Pick Reward links well before the next one is due. *grins*


Delicate eyelet embroidered bodice and accordion pleated chiffon skirt. Blood red.
Who doesn't look fabu in red? It's simple. It's elegant. It's perfection.

And now RL calls and whilst my ankles get ferret attacked (don't like the new food
I bought.. sighs) and I have to go get annoyed at the latest increase in food prices at the market!!! Oh how I enjoy the peace (and lack of food price increases) of SL. LOL

Much huggles coming your way!
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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