Prim & Pixel Paradise New! W I L D Ensemble 50% OFF!


And that's just what this outfit is too! And wildly priced at 50% off through Sunday, August 23rd. SO save moola and get your wild on this weekend!

If you like zebra stripes, hot pinks, black lace, pretty flower corsages.. at this point I feel like I should be singing.. "If you like pina colladas, walks in the rain..." LOL!! See! Wild! (or brain dead it's 7:30 AM here and I haven't gone to bed yet!)

This fun ensemble includes...
3 jacket layers which are 1 long blouse alone, one jacket alone and one combo jacket long blouse layer.
1 Ze-bra in pink. *giggle*
2 pairs of pants in long slim leg style and one a capri cut, both with prim cuffs. Capri Cuffs come in matching and white contrast flavors.
1 pair of appropriately coordinated high heels. I love doing these!
1 quadruple bangle bracelet.

The jacket layer consists of 2 collars (one with and one without a corsage attached), 2 sculpty sleeves, flexi panel jacket body.

The outfit is entirely MODIFY/COPY/NO TRANSFER. There are NO resize scripts used.

Oh... if you did not know, ATOMIC CHERRY is closing MONDAY. If you snag this outfit, you can get some nice accessories for it at her shop at close out prices.

As an aside, if you need to mod the jacket collar with the corsage attachment, I recommend fitting the entire piece so the carsage lays comfortably where
you like it, THEN edit linked parts and edit the single collar piece to suit you. It's much easier to edit one prim than 15!

That said... I hope you enjoy this offering. I am participating in a LOT of hunts starting September 1st so I have a lot of things to create for those. I may not have a chance to get out another regular release before then.

The hunts I am participating in are: Dubloon Hunt, Demonology Hunt, Addiction Hunt, Twisted Hunt and the Freaky Fall Hunt. These should be a LOT LOT LOT of fun to create for and I dive into that later today.

We also expanded a few things at our chicken place, Paradise Farms. If you haben't stopped up, grab the TP at the landing zone. We can talk for HOURS
about our chickens! In case ya missed it, I have chicken related apparel, even a fun eggers belt.

Style Notes:
Hair - Uncle Web
Eyes - Avatar Eyes @ Pixel Dolls
Skin - LAQ
Earrings - Prim & Pixel Paradise "Summer Rain"
Poses - Imperial Elegance, Striking Poses

Huggles and have a terrific weekend!
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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