Tease n' Tickles from Prim & Pixel Paradise

Hi everybody!

I suppose you "may" have been wondering "what the h*ll has happened to Mai?!"

Well, the short & nasty is that I have undergone some beau coup hardware snafu's. Lost 1200 Gigs (yes GIGS!!!!) of work and to add insult to injury my LCD monitor power supply died. I am still trying to reinstall & recover files. I'm working on an OLD OLD OLD 14 inch work bench monitor that is on it's last legs.

The good news is.. hahaha.. I have a new 22 inch monitor flying in via UPS and it is slated to be here Monday! YAY!!!!!!!!

AT any rate, with the lost of screen real estate I have stepped back from doing "texture" work in Photoshop and working in SL is hell. I open a menu and half my screen is taken up, dragging them almost off screen and then back again to change an option, etc., etc., ad nauseum. NO FUN and you all know I design cuz it's FUN!

SO, out put from me has sorrowfully been on the downside. BUT YA CAN'T KEEP A GGOD IDEA surpressed and I HAVE to create. :D

This coming week, starting on THURSDAY, JULY 9TH, 2009 we are having our "overdue" ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for Prim & Pixel Paradise!!!!

The festivities will be kicked off by a LIVE concert by my favorite SL singer, NILES COMPTON. Yessirree! He will be performing LIVE in our brand new 1/4 sim park area. Stage is up and I am chomping at the bit here to host him in a concert.

Which brings me to ... this necklace & earrings set, which is a gift for the attendees of the concert!

BTW.. the hearts are scripted for automatic color cycling and can be turned off and on.

I will be releasing more tease n' tickles as our shindig celebration approaches.

Make sure you have us in your PICKS.. they will change daily during our 4 day celebration. If you get us in there now, your 48 hour wait won't make you miss out on any of the goodies I have planned.

Keep smilin' and lots of huggles!
Mairead & Karra
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