Gold Rush new Picks Reward at Prim & Pixel Paradise

Okay please bear with me, my computer monitor hit the sh*tter this morning. UGHHHH! I managed to find an analog (EEEK!) adapter and hook up an old 14 inch (EEEEK!) analog monitor. It isn't the best but at least I can SEE, well sorta, everything is really small LOL with a rainbow hue on the right side of the screen. SO hopefully the images I have are really reflective of the outfit. I don't do any post processing on my clothing items, but I do on the face/hair of the model (me lol). Anyways .. on with the show...

This latest ensemble is my new Pick's Reward and in the board now! I was initially just going to release a fur jacket, but I had this gold lame' skirt and the top "in the works" and late last night I thought "ohhh so kewl together" so... I worked til dawn, head hitting the keyboard... this ensemble was born.

This 17 piece ensemble includes a soft panne' velvet taupe Bodice (in 3 layers), a golden metallic lame' Slim Flexi Skirt, a matching Sash, Glitch Pants, a black with golden highlights Monkey Fur Jacket (can be worn with or without the fur), and a pair of taupe satin stilettos with golden heel bows.

I think this is so Park Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Paris is calling. Definitely will turn heads wherever you go. I hope you enjoy it!

Hair - Truth
Skin - Lara Skins
Eyes - Avatar Eyes @ Pixel Dolls
Model/Photographer - Mairead Fitzgerald
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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