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Howwwwwwwwdy! I'm in a Mrs. Green Jeans kinda mood today. Thinking about sun, soil, and pretty posies. Can ya tell I am sooo sick of winter? Anyhoo, my sister Karra has been toiling away at the Garden Center and has a just lovely crop of posies and accessories to help bring some spring into your life.

So... that means a.. H U N T !!! I know you never woulda thought that. *ahem* *giggle*

STARTS: NOW and ENDS Friday, March 6th, 2009 at noon. ONLY IN THE GARDEN CENTER. These items are NOT spread throughout the shop. :)

We have set up seed packets around the garden area (see pic above for same). In those packets are a variety of tops in springtime colors and designs. Fifteen (15) in all. AND there are also some nature's goodness to be had since sis is gifting eight (8) of her pretty sculpty 1 prim posies/bushes, but you gotta find which ones. Mouse over those babies to find the 0L price.

AS I MENTIONED these are SCULPTY plants & posies. To help you load our new garden center (and any other sculpty you come across) we are recommending you change your current settings which will greatly enhance your graphic experience here and elsewhere. Touch any Sculpty Info sign at our shop for instructions.

The outfit in the above ad pics is available and comes with... a tattered straw sun hat, Jeans jacket with garndener'w notto on back & sculpty color, jean shorts, white scoop neck midriff tank top, gardening gloves with sculpty cuffs, and the gardener's tool belt, wayyyyy kewl item haha, sis and I had fun making that. NO SHOES THIS TIME SORRY!

This lovely and personable lady is here to divinate your future! We've invited her to do her readings in the Wiccan Abbey.

"I can help you to find answers to your doubts and questions regarding love, work, family or any other issue of your concern. I do both, SL and RL tarot readings and I don’t set a time limit for them; I am always willing to listen and give advice as time permits." Fees: 400L for a complete reading regarding the question asked.

(IMPORTANT NOTE. A tarot reading CAN'T replace the advice of a professional when needed; be it in the medical or legal field)


I know there are still a few Mardi Gras events happening out there, so below the url on XStreet for the 3 outfits I previously released for the holiday.

Huggles from the Hoe'rs... hahahaha
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