Free Valentine Shoes @ Prim & Pixel Paradise

Our latest gift is now up and set to 0L. It can be found in the center courtyard. Just head up the main ramp from the landing zone. You can't miss all the love in that spot. This gift will remain up for 24 to 48 hours, somewhere in that timeframe until the whim strikes me to change it to a new gift. :)

New Release! Jersey Girl

Is it jersey, Jersey or Joisey? ROFL. It's just simple jersey. :) Anyhoo... it's adorable and relaxed and free spirited. The long sleeved jersey knits in blends of heather, blush pink and mint intermingled with stripes of gray, a color coordinated LOVE stencil on the chest. Black belt with a shiny silver buckle and my Less Baggy Baggy Pants in a darketst gray on black. Sneakers and bandana NOT included.

Available as sets (top, pants & belt) or by the piece, mix & match to suit your budget.


Be forewarned, the owner of the local gin mill on my sim runs TWO long events daily so often times he has 20+ people at his place. Add my perpetual 30 to 40 and you have pure unadulterated lag. So, I extend you my apologies in advance. If you are lagged on landing, simply tae one step to the left or right so your head does nt become a trampoline for those coming in for a landing. Go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, come back, things should be a lot clearer for you. :)

Huggles from our hearts to yours,
Mairead & her sister Karra

Prim & Pixel Paradise
"Life is in the details."

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