Gift 10 @ Prim & Pxel Paradise is Out

This Renaissance period dress is yards and yards of sumptuous blue & gold brocade. Comes with tassle cuffed and bowed boots.

There is some confusion that there was NO GIFT on the 18th. I was OOT most of the day and did not have time to create something. I informed my subscribers and my blog readers that more than likely there would not be a gift due to RL time constraints.

That said, GIFT 10 is the last gift in the series :) I hope you enjoyed them all and thank you for the wonderful compliments you showered on me over the past week. I had loads of fun but now it is time for me to put aside some time for doing my own shopping for the holidays, both here AND in real life! Ho! Ho! Ho!

The idea behind this dress came from my purchase of the Inca's new release, Aurumn Est. It is superior design of handcrafted prim work, that I just had to own the minute I saw it. Now I needed a dress to wear with it. :)
Huggles & Merry Merry
Mairead & Karra
Prim & Pixel Paradise
Hair - Hair Solutions
Skin - FreeSoul
Shape - Alady
Pose - Maitreya
Eyes - Poetic Eyes

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